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The Justice Tribe is a social justice cohort focused on educating aspiring dancers, choreographers, musicians, and artists on ways to fuse technology, music, dance, and artwork to create profound works. We live in a technological era, so we  believe it is imperative to train students to capture their works on film and to use the power of social media to promote awareness of social injustices. The Justice Tribe integrates sociology workshops into its arts curriculum to provide artists with the foundational knowledge needed to create art-based social commentaries. We encourage our students to create conceptual sociological pieces reflective of the society in which they live, through our Justice Tribe program. Miami Urban Arts is devoted to fostering relationships between professors, dancers, artists, photographers, videographers, graphic designers, and musicians. We offer under-privileged students the opportunity to receive quality training for free. We aim to produce a wave of choreographers, creative directors, artists, and musicians that will represent Miami in an innovative and socially-productive light.

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